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Feng Shui Door Tilting.

The secret of tilted door feng shui for positive energy flow.

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Feng Shui Case Studies

Feng Shui Front Door Tilting

Problem: Mr A was doing poorly in his business and decided to rent out level 1 of his factory space to improve financial burden. Unfortunately for a long period, he wasn't successful in renting out his factory and had to lower his rental to attract tenants.

Mr B (my customer) took up the offer seeing that the rental was cheap for the big factory space. I was engaged to check on the feng shui for the rented level 1 factory space. On analyzing the place, I told him the factory's feng shui is bad and for sure the owner isn't doing well. He told me the owner Mr A's business was indeed bad as what he heard, but he didn't consider much as the rental was really cheap and the big space was ideal.

Solution: Is there something that I could do to improve the factory's feng shui he asked. I told him, yes if we tilt the factory's main lobby door to a new favorable angle. The main lobby links level 1 to level 2 where the owner Mr A operates his business. Mr A wasn't keen with the idea but agreed as my customer would pay fully for the work and make sure all is kept in good order. An auspicious date was selected for the door tilting work (to change the lobby door angle).

Result: Business went extremely well for my customer. Within the 2 years rental contract period, business bloom tremendously. Even the owner Mr A sees good improvement in his business at level 2. Nearing the end of the 2 years rental, my customer made a high price offer to buy over the whole factory from Mr A but he rejected the offer. Though Mr A didn't comment much, it was clear that he benefited from the feng shui enhancement, the tilting of the door changes the fate of his factory (a blessing in disguise); Mr A probably would have taken up my customer's offer if his business had remained poor.

Comments: Does that mean we could conveniently tilt our front door and magically turn things around as and when we wish? That wouldn't be the case. Firstly, that depends if you are fortunate enough i.e. there is only a limited range that you could tilt the door away from its original angle for feng shui front door tilting. Even so, the owner or the building and construction authority might not allow you to tilt the door. Should you be able to tilt your door, the interior layout and setup of the office/house inside would play another big part in influencing the overall feng shui too.

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