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Feng Shui Fish Tank in Office

The energy of water in actual would weaken the energy of your wealth corner if placed wrongly.

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Feng Shui Case Studies

Feng Shui Fish Tank in Office

Problem: Did a feng shui audit for a medium-size office recently. The moment I stepped into the office, the first thing that caught my attention was a big arowana fish tank and beside the tank, there was also another water feature fountain. Proceeded to take feng shui measurement of the office, I asked the business owner Mr Tan if the fish tank and water fountain have been there for a long time. He replied they were there since day 1 when they shifted in a year ago.

"So business hasn't been smooth typically the cash flow?" I questioned Mr Tan.

We chatted and Mr Tan shared that he has always been interested in feng shui and read up a lot from books and internet and he set up this office according to the feng shui theories he studied. "Surely the feng shui set up in my office shouldn't be way too off?" he joked. But he was unsure how come business has turned so bad.

Solution: Knowing Mr Tan has some feng shui knowledge, I shared and asked if he was aware that the location where he set the fish tank and water fountain is the wealth corner of his office. Undoubtedly, the reply was yes and that was why he had the fish tank and fountain there to generate wealth (Water = Wealth, he acclaimed).

I explained to him that water does not always represent wealth and in fact, wrong placement of water features could trigger reverse effect (i.e. loss of wealth). "Yes, you are correct that the wealth corner is there and there is a wealth star there. The more you shouldn't place any water features there, Mr Tan. For the case of your office, water is not appropriate in this location. The energy of water in actual would weaken the energy of your wealth corner or to put it in layman, drown away your wealth!" He was shocked on hearing this.

The fish tank and water feature fountain were quickly relocated to other suitable positions in the office (at much effort if you can imagine the size of the arowana tank). In replacement at the wealth corner, I advised Mr Tan to place a big potted indoor ZZ plant.

Result: Few days after rearranging the office setup, Mr Tan closed an important business deal that he has been anxiously waiting for. Business gradually pick up as well.

(continued): Slow Business Flow

Problem: After relocating the fish tank and water feature fountain, Mr Tan's business improved and picked up. However, things soon quiet down and turned stagnant, the staffs appear listless and lethargic. Mr Tan requested my help to make another visit and have a check again at the office. On entering the office, this time I notice a green sofa bed at the corner. "The sofa bed wasn't there previously right?" I asked Mr Tan. He replied that there has been increase in business orders hence having constant overtime work (that stretches over midnight), so he put up the sofa bed there for the convenience for himself and his staff.

Solution: I advised Mr Tan to remove the sofa bed and install a pink color table lamp there and switch it on whenever they are in office.

Result: Business went back on track with encouraging business flow.

Comments: In the practice of feng shui, certain mistakes are intolerable. The use of special water formations is one of them. The application of water placement in feng shui may seem easy on theory but in actual application may not exactly be that straightforward. Wrong placement of water features could result in undesirable harms and misfortunes e.g. divorce, financial loss, poor health etc. Unless you are absolutely sure, you wouldn't risk going wrong.

And In our everyday life, it is inevitable that our living and working space get cluttered with items and objects along time. Essentially, they would not cause any life threatening harms but at cases (typically at the significant sectors), inappropriate placement of items could trigger undesirable influence that affect your health and your financial being etc. It would be good to be cautious on these sectors.


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